Our Products and Solutions

AVM Provides a number of solutions to enhance the teaching and learning process

Robotic Lab

Robotics , Coding , A I Lab

Its Important for students to Build 21st Century Skills , Learn to Code and have an exposure to technologies like Internet of Things ( IoT) and Artificial Intelligence. Teaching robotics is an Engaging way of Introducing Coding to Kids and help them develop skills like Critical Thinking , Creativity , Collaboration , Communication , technology literacy , Grit and perseverance. We have partnered with Avishkaar and Grobots to bring in the best solutions for Robotics , Coding and A I Labs.

Digital Boards

Digital Boards

Changing Classrooms for Changing Times ! Digital Boards / Smartboards / Interactive Flat panels and Digital Podiums are the a must have in every classroom today. Whether its a K-12 School , Coaching Institute or a High Education College Hybrid Classroom is the way to go.

Google workspace

Google Workspace for Education

Transform how educators and students learn, work, and innovate together with free, secure tools from Google Workspace for Education. Google Meet and Google Classroom are one of the most effective ways of implementing Hybrid Classrooms in an education Institute. Google offers four different variants of Google Workspace for Education. We are Google partners with Education expertise. Providing not only tools but trainings to educators as well.

Language Lab

Language Lab

Its important for students to be confident communicators. We have developed Ekaksh English Language Lab to provide a graded content driven solution for improving communication skills of students. We have also tied up with Eurotalk Language Lab to provide excellent self learning software for more than 140 languages of the Globe.

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