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Robotics , Coding , AI Labs

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In the last 20 years, over 500 educational institutions have chosen us for providing quality technology solutions like digital boards, establishing tinkering labs, AI labs and various other tools and technology to bring more creativity and fun to learning. 

Choose us as your trusted technology partner to help you set up smart classes in your school/institute and implement these solutions with unmatched support and lowest total cost of ownership.




Robotics and Tinkering Lab


Robotics and Tinkering Labs

Lanuage Labs


Language Labs

Institutiona Customers


Institutional Customers

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See What Others Had To Say About The Outcomes Experience

Prakash Choudhary

Dr. Prakash Choudhary

Director , Prestige Public School

Thank you for both your coaching and the lively, worthwhile training session you provided for my staff. You helped me both personally and professionally, which is important for my business success.

Sadhna Walia

Mrs Sadhna Walia

Principal , Stanford International Girls School

What I liked most is your ability to mirror, and then articulate what’s going on based on what you sense which created so much awareness. You have such a solid presence!

Ravi Khandelwal

Ravi Khandelwal

Director Vedaant Vidyakulam

I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me. Your style and method is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life.

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